About Us

TM Law may be new in name but the firm’s attorneys have over 60 combined years of legal experience!  TM Law has been helping clients protect their intellectual property nationwide for more than 40 years. Kelly and Annette were regularly advising other attorneys on their client’s intellectual property matters which resulted in them joining forces to form a second law firm, TM Law & Associates, in September of 2022.

We specialize in helping individuals, small to medium size businesses, and other attorneys who don’t have intellectual property staff. Over the last 40 years, the need and power of trademarks has increased dramatically (thanks to the internet) making it more important than ever to protect your intellectual property rights. We love the practice of law, especially trademark law, and would love to help you!

Kelly M. Spann


Kelly Spann is a wife, proud mom of three, and experienced lawyer with over twenty years of legal experience.  In 2004, she began working for an attorney, Jon Fortman, as his legal assistant and paralegal.  After gaining years of experience and encouragement from numerous other legal professionals, Kelly obtain her Juris Doctorate from SLU School of Law in 2021 with a concentration in intellectual property law.  She passed the Uniform Bar Exam in September 2021, officially became Jon’s partner, and FortmanSpann, LLC was born.  Kelly was regularly advising other attorneys on their client’s intellectual property matters which resulted in her forming a second law firm, TM Law & Associates, LLC with partner, Annette Heller, in September of 2022.

Brittney Kane

Legal Assistant 

Brittney began at Fortman Spann in February 2024 as the office Legal Assistant. Her previous role was in finance and administration. Her efficiency, dedication and acclimation to all roles obtained past and present is what makes her the best fit for this firm. Brittney is married to her husband Johnathan and has two wonderful children Mia 16, and Kane 10. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, baking and decorating.

Brittney Kane

Beth Club

Operations Manager

Beth began as the Operations Manager at FortmanSpann in June 2023.  Beth’s top priority is to serve clients as efficiently as possible. Her extensive experience in the dental field gives her an advantage in keeping the office organized, which makes her an essential member of the Firm.  Her responsibilities include the overall function and management of the office. If it’s going on behind the scenes, she probably has her hand in it. Beth’s focus is keeping the office running smoothly so the legal team can focus on you!

Annette P. Heller


Annette P. Heller is an experienced trademark attorney with over 40 years of experience! Annette began practicing in 1976 and worked for Ralston Purina as inhouse Trademark and Copyright Counsel until 1983. In 1983, she started her own practice limited to trademark and copyright law, and the rest is history!  Annette primarily represents individuals, small to medium size companies, and other law firms who do not have trademark or copyright expertise within the firm. While located in St. Louis, Missouri area, she has clients all over the United States! Regardless of the size or location of the client, she delivers personalized service to all. Annette loves the practice of law, especially trademark law!