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Your trademark is more than just a logo or slogan – it’s the very essence of your business. It represents the trust and reputation you’ve built with your customers. But what if you want to expand your reach or collaborate with another brand? That’s where trademark licensing and assignment come in. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, TM Law helps clients nationwide with their trademark licensing and assignment needs.

Understanding the Difference: Licensing vs. Assignment

Trademark Licensing 

Trademark licensing is when you, the trademark owner (the licensor), grants permission to another party (the licensee) to use your trademark for a specific purpose, like selling certain products or offering specific services. This allows the licensee to benefit from your brand recognition while you retain ownership and control. You can grant a license for all your products or just one. You can limit the geographic area where the licensee can use your trademark. The key is to craft a license agreement that protects your brand while fostering a successful partnership.

Licensing is a powerful tool for brand expansion. It lets you tap into new markets or product lines without the direct investment of setting up new locations or manufacturing. You can also use it to leverage a licensee’s expertise or distribution network.

Trademark Assignment

Sometimes, a complete transfer of ownership might be the best option. Perhaps you’re looking to retire or you’re just ready to move on and start a new venture. An assignment agreement transfers all rights to your trademark to another party (the assignee). They become the sole owner, responsible for maintaining and enforcing the trademark. Assignments are permanent decisions, so careful consideration is crucial. 

You may be wondering which is the right path for you. And the choice between the two depends on your specific goals. At TM Law, we will work closely with you to understand your business goals and recommend the best course of action.

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Licensing and assignment can be powerful tools for brand growth. At TM Law, we’re here to guide you through the process, ensuring your trademark remains a valuable asset as your business evolves. Contact us today for a consultation.