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Creating something original like a song, an invention, or a piece of art – takes a lot of hard work and dedication. You pour your heart and soul into it, and rightfully so, you want to protect your creation. That’s where copyright registration comes in. And at TM Law, we understand the value you place on your creative works. We assist clients nationwide in protecting their original works.

Why Register Your Copyright?

The unfortunate reality is that instances of unauthorized use of creative work can and does happen. Copyright registration is the first step in protecting your ownership rights and acts as a public record, establishing you as the rightful owner and the date you created it. This record becomes important if someone infringes upon your work. With a registered copyright, you are legally empowered to pursue legal remedies, which may include seeking financial compensation and a stop to the infringement.

What Can You Copyright?

The good news is, copyright protection covers a wide range of creative expressions. It is important to note that copyright laws do not apply to ideas, procedures, methods, systems, processes, concepts, principles, or discoveries. The creative works that are protected by copyright law includes:

  • Literary Works: This encompasses written works such as books, poems, and scripts.
  • Musical Works: Copyright protection applies to songs and musical compositions.
  • Visual Works: Paintings, sculptures, photographs, and graphic designs all fall under copyright protection.
  • Audiovisual Works: Films, videos, and other multimedia creations are also copyrightable.
  • Architectural Works: Buildings with unique and distinctive designs can be protected by copyright law.
  • Computer Software: The code that brings software applications to life is also subject to copyright protection.

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